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The Community Chaplain Mentorship Program, founded by Pastor Rodney Gupton, Senior Community Chaplain, and CEO of Making Disciples, looking to make a difference in the individual lives of our youth in the community. Life-altering changes derives from followup care and the ability to be available outside of programs offered. The Community Chaplain Mentorship Program offers every Mentee who participates life-altering services. We seek to help rebuild youth, one individual at a time. We take a holistic approach, focusing on the youth as a whole through our unique long-term followup and aftercare services (offering a continuity of care). We connect youth with organizations that can enhance their self-esteem and their self-knowledge, leading to self-advocacy, which empower them and promote leadership, life, and independent skills (offering a continuity of services). 

We take all opportunities inside and outside of facilities to build and nurture trusted relationships with youth throughout the community. We grow with our youth as they grow, showing them how to understand and move through life despite challenges they will face with a positive attitude and direction. Our customized plans for each Mentee will change as they change. We provide positive godly counsel and permission-based ministerial services to those who desire it (continuity of support)...SPREAD THE WORD!

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a Community Chaplain or a Community Chaplain Mentor, please complete our brief application.  Together, we can make a difference in their lives, helping youth and young adults to deviate from a life and cycle of chaos, into motivating them to rebuild, restructure, reunifying them back to their families and the community.  Why?  "Because We Care!"